Binary, is the cell, the ball in the cube (Inspired)

# 24 / 1 Structure verses Chaos

THE cell Scaffolding/Skeleton

the auxiliary axis to the cell of a sphere in stasis, is the cage of a structure to the chaotic balloon that emerges from the dynamics of the the cardinal axes.
why did the universe select such an apparent unstable system, as opposed to piling balls in a secure niche with a pyramid system, and so famous with human structures of power – auto-destructive capitalization in the comfort of a supportive seat by other ball just as unstable in their own right.
Nature, selective, and individual chose the Card Castle system, and knotted each ball from the middle together, so that a gusty wind had the same effect as the soft blown of a breath, rather protect each cell, with its cardinal axes, and the ball that elated by the smithereens of the colliding axes , to build a supporting scaffold, and skeleton to the individual sphere giving a free domino effect movement, with precise individual values initiating the cancer of evolution.

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