changing mood from Yang to the Yin

illustrated is a soap bubble effect – that is like two floating bubbles come to touche each other, they pop in one and double in size. the Yang, and ball in a similar procedure, when flawed, in the coding of unique identity that cell changes to a doughnut, Yin. the condition is when a dynamic axis, ignores the rule of domino effect.- with the example of the pencil and sharpener at either ends – the axis in a state of thermodynamic ray forms the pipe lining – with two of these pencil sharp points facing each other, in an ultimate delicate position in the same axis, the points are bound to slip off side and take a course slipping by each other and dragging along the outer lining of the sphere opposing poles and get stuck together at the other words, the needles of opposing rays point slips off the middle and slip by each other to continue along its coaxial course the thread with a knot at the filter to the rubbery lining beginings to pull the lining inward, deforming with the pressure seated on a balloon. around the piercing ray, an eyelet is formed, and pulled toward the middle taking the sphere through stages of formation. Illustrated are these weather lines showing the stage and splitting of the ball into a tube, at the touch and gluing together of the eyelet into one, and the inner pressure balancing tube, opening the eye and spreading the pressure with the volume of the sphere in a toroid.- the notion of the sphere in an extrovert mood, the yin, introvert mood.

from Yang 2 Yin.odt – Google Docs

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