Don’t be lured into believing that astrology is in the stars, the planets – I have search to understand the phenomenon – but more precisely why, and they should have – that astrology and astronomy have no connections. They are connected like a mirror of the night sky alright. It is that astrology is a solar occurrence, which means in daylight, and astronomy  only occurs in the night – unless one goes to search beyond the sun, of course – otherwise it is a mirror interpretation of a really.
The subject is vast, and I did touch it before, though I am getting better at explaining my visions on the subject – I don’t mean the zodiac to be ignored, but here again, hadn’t the wealthy wanted to read into their destiny – the subject of the zodiac wouldn’t have gone further than the pioneers who mapped their path through the desert, with cross roads seen as coincidental instances along the way.

Solar and Spiral, the esoteric and prismatic staircase of colored-light disks:

The tilt of the ecliptic belt that guides the earth while in orbit – that has a concordance in the Chinese calendar with the 12 year cycles of the zodiacal signs, in another 60 year cycle.

This illustration shows the principle element at explaining all these mysterious phenomena – showing the 3D of the cube and view for interpreting the reality that is set against a 2D view and wheel of the zodiac that gives an erroneous interpretation and fakes all given data.

The details have been outlines in my blogs, and still more to come – I’ve introduced the Atomium to put in perspective the cube in the following illustration.

In this illustration, many elements are still missing at explaining how the zodiac really functions. In rough ti is the spectrum of light that is broken up by material things – of which the most relevant is life – the birth a a child.
– In the circle, the shadow of a mother breaks the spectrum of light colors, whereas the crawling baby in in a situation of blocking the light – like a bolder submerged in a river.
In the illustration I have left out the prisms, that the face of a cube is the square base, and the points meet in the middle of the cube that represents the metaphysical aspect of life – where the zodiac explains itself.

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