Such as science, the Kabbalah teaches the existence of an immaterial principle of the world. How is this principle expressed in the Torah? — through light. It is said by our masters that light condense, it gets denser to become matter, the cycle is delivered, matter in turn dissolves little by little transforming into light — light turns to matter, matter turns to light triggered by the sound of the voice…
The illustration is reiterating that gift of visions — that vision and the syllables which rhymed the piped words because this illustration is about the glow of light, rather than the complex ray light – I never had control over these visions that got me writing, keeping records to do just that; a time and motion study over the greater part of my life. the Illustration; ¨Hands of Light¨ is the right excerpt to associate the controversial and contradiction of creation — the word ¨Creation¨ has flashed to mind time and again senseless — I can just conclude with the above statement, that evolution was a known factor. Instead of stating ¨evolution¨ it seems the old masters and wise men were in need to have a cut-off date rather than facing that bar of an axis that snatches close a time-line than making an entry into the rings of convoluted cosmic magnitude to/from quantum dynamics – that is no more than gravitation.

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