1. Crosshairs = communication; 
  2. balls = man existential before physical birth; 
  3. background = events  that is played among man, – life.

Imagine gazing at the stars for a moment, but in a midday daylight and you see the appearance of that illustration instead. For 1 you are among the few are seeing what an esoteric appearance is – you are prophetic.
For 2 you are seeing into eternity, each mottle in the blue sky turning into a bubble while seeing further into the distance which in turn  became cloudy – but not really – take a child´s painting in the 2nd illustration within the mind of a child and everything is explained in completing this near picture balloons; the pliant spheres of a vision at unwrapping the following enigma.

There were men who have taken pleasure, considering a game in its seriousness, at finding in the Torah the events of all times. they found the word Dreyfus that fell precisely in the history of Joseph wrongly with the circumstances of his imprisonment and his liberation, including dates when this occurred was indicated in the verse of the Torah. … the prophet Eli revealed that everything is written in the Torah. He showed where, and he gave codes, signs, he indicated all sorts of ways to find bearings – these advents, the names, every man is written in the Torah. This is not determinism, because every man arrives at one given moment, and we incarnate that man.
I am brining this up to show a parallelism that we are existential… we live long before we are born into a body — with the birth of the mind, each one of us exist and while we are developing the avatar of each organ that our body in due course will need to function within the structure of a body – one can say that we exist in the spirit of the mind – in other words we are the personified puppet of our spirit living in the spacial clouds. It makes sense that we dream, that we communicate by telepathy and all the supernatural becomes a natural event  itself.

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