The spatial Migrating tube of passengers on silver birds

Sight has more than meets the scientific eye, though I have touched the subject in my blogs, I wish to highlight the mechanics of nature since I am about to publish the Zeroing in of dimensions and show the evolution of the 4th dimension that is at the center of the universe of universes that is akin me to describe a world existing in reverse of what the mind has learned to grasp.

Over the house in which I lived, if my memory doesn´t fail me, in Forest Hills, New York, too low beneath the corridor to hear the breaking air of the   amazing sight of the stream of the landing silver birds. However silent was the taking into the air of the Concorde the power of these idle jets engines waiting to exert their G-force gripped like a soda bottle within the suit of my skin an effervescent thrilling of every cell in my body.

I have been thinking about that force piercing in silence through the air, yet it´s only the water in my body that seemed to be affected and effervescent.  the sluices of the eyes, which give sight has a similar effect – the G-force of sight with that parsec beam hollows out space and with that 6th sense one can track back one´s steps which is so highly developed among migrating animals.

video´s Speech-to-text

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