OOTM.60.04.2. The Sunbeam Vector And The Genies From Morphotic Scenes At Periods Of Various Times


This lag excerpt from a chapter, the principal author making a point by this article, in which case particular terms or words may lose their meaning, places and personages seem ill adapted, in a metaphysical context imbued elsewhere.

Technically Abstract:

In the raw model of a universal blueprint the moral of relationships wraps in bubbles, offsets independent times hovering space – animating a road map by an astute events and effective elaborating remote and invisible milestone, by the anchor of possessions, and frothing foam at sharing the reflections of different periods.

At The Interstice Of A Sun Beam

Home, the emergent streets rise from my door into the surrounding hills. That day I climbed the leading way. Seizing audible on the blind road lower along the sheer cliff, rubber tires by a whiz of crossing two-way lane traffic breaking the air. In view approaching the flank wall emerging the signs of the times, Trailing the cartwheel tracks rutted in the surface rock, in my stride outbound over the sheer drop to a river in the loop. Nearby traces of men hammered chisels, which carved the blue rock away, to high overhead the implanted and lead caulked pins, picturing the period of wires attached to a pair of electric isolators transporting electricity downtown. Around the bend, off the horse drawn carriages tracks, I climbed the hairpin etched remains of a stairway onto my hiking trail with an historic sense of privilege. I came to face in the woods the ground and sleek stairs sculptured through a protruding boulder. In my stride, sentient of ghostly troubadours pausing for a breathtaking gaze over the valley. Graping at sight the nearby medieval castle on the boulder, before entertaining the lord, before ongoing for the high lands.

Destined to be on rendezvous, with a sun beam peering over my shoulder, onto the earth as child of mother-sun and hardware over eons of open space evolution. There, I seized in a summer cloak herded rolling hills at loss of sight into the high land and the skyline straddling a rainbow, afar and small that universal software for which my existential presence to a (UIAIK) Universal Integrated Autodidactic Intelligent Kernel for the Operating System.

Observing the notion at the hearth of the tiny rainbow, where the sun beam excites the mirage realizing the genie of Alleinad onto emerging from the soapy-bubble lamp. Suscitating hence a pebble trail distinctive and atmospheric her soul relative to an epoch in the mid 1980s. And, encapsulated an oracular relationship, which reads the spell such as a tarot card. Identifiable in my brand new Audi 100, and effective vehicular glass-bubble, in fashion, and title of possession, which vectors the emblematic chemistry of a virgin innocence at heart, and her liquid personality of a champagne color.

Triggering Dream

Such as dusk brings forth nightmares, first light incites dreaming – throbbing out of the spatial blues, I conscientiously watch my body, to slip out of consciousness, to awake in the reality of a dream – Lying in bed along Eiramoj, both of us gazing at the ceiling. Thoughtful I share her chatting, and as I agreed in principle, heading off, rolling my eyes over toward her, leading my body along. Pursuing an eye fixation, I raised on an elbow, to lie on my side with my head propped in a cupped hand. slow in an ongoing concession pecked her lips. As she spoke her thoughts, I pecked her soft lips at shorter intervals, my spare hand fondling, my knee crawling onto her belly, a foot slipping down her legs and stretching out my leg, while reading her figuring out her thoughtful undertone, I’ll move in with you.‘ She goes onto saying, “I can manage to move over to Weivyzah.” The town where we learned to know each other, and seed of a pebble trail collimating my red Audi to the relationship. Characterizing a bionic mustang of an engine at heart firing those red hot racing hooves of pistons under the hood.

I asked her, “What about your boys?”

Surprisingly pragmatic of her, I read her thoughts, ‘One of the boys is a trainee – he has held the job secure this far – for a year now,‘ she merely brushed off the thought saying, “It’ll alright!”

Morphotic Moral

Vague on the spot encroaching my hiking trail, as awe inspiring than a promotional start banner, grand and iridescent emanating smoky out of the rocks on the hillside flanks. Branching out an intense dazzling toroid bridging the valley, and by a sunbeam vectoring suscitating at hearth of the rainbow a mirage. a vigilant call to last night’s dream, rising her genie transposed from a period at the beginning of the millennium –.

Collimating associative a relationship with Eiramoj, imbue oracular my possession, bearer an ownership tittle over the leased car. Purchased off a fleet by the sense of borrowing promiscuous from abound number of unknown drivers. Emanating my spirit such as a fine tuning mechanic, the gist by my foot controlling the throttle, at feeling her response off that twenty-valves Audi A4 engine throb at heart. The sings of her family by the Avant five door model, wrapped up the fire of her enigmatic authority in a blood red colored body.

Effective Neuronic

In my stride along the ledge of the historic trail, zealous spectator and flagrant instance to no other, sentient of my looming dream, emanating Eiramoj’ spirit to proximity, from the enwrapping and taken for granted mystifying haze over the valley. Indistinct drizzling, in my line of sight an effective two-way mirror, now you-see now you-don’t. The inciting sunbeam on rendezvous at the hearth of the rainbow, at replicating conjoint and remote on the horizon. Engaging my perception of the mirage at the kernel, neuronic on par, checking out Alleinad. Delving a telepathic acquaintance, the echoing call of a profound sisterly genie, frothing with soap bubbles effect into my proximity. Arising both woman born in the year of the Horse, reckoning across a puzzling twelve-year orbit in the Chinese zodiac, at revealing an equal, and synaptic transmission, a time lag among the relationships ingenious conserved by unapparent glazed lamps.

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