The Prophesy Of Enlightenment – Interface The Brain And The Cosmos

In the nearby Jubilee Park, I cross a group of people dance under the massive trees to the sound of meditative music, in all appearance at finding spirituality, which I can’t claim appeals to me. though I have been a dynamic dancer entertaining my body through phases of trance. Therefor, I can only imagine people’s confusion at a take of ‘control’ of mind over matter of a relaxation process at reaching higher level of spirituality.

When enlightened, inspired, being among, living as a part, moving through the milieu and one’s thoughts [prayer] are answered, with such prophetic dreams, or symbols that infer moral incident, visions showing the virtual reality. I set off hunting these parapsychological manifestations, which forecast an event proper to oneself. Enlightenment dawns the vacuum levitation, sentient of walking on a cushion of air, when I feel my mind free and higher level, spatial. enlightenment is being transcendent – few weeks ago, I lay stretched out on top of the duvet on my bed having an afternoon nap. in an hypnagogic state when my mind lends itself to journey afield. In the wake of sleep, when I’m receptive to free mental activities, free of a conscious interference. I’ve been revealed, big as a bear, without genre, without body, atmospheric ethereal and soft and teddy bear warm, the anamorphic body, arms and leg cuddling up my left and lie next to me. In an ephemeral trend of thought, expresses, ‘Don’t worry – I’m there.’ a latent mother would say soothing an anxious child, revealing herself – the phenomenon of a notion expresses itself, “Do you believe me – I’m G-d,” and no sooner dissipates.

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