The Mind Expresses Itself By Nucleus Brain Explosion – For The Good Or Bad Enlightenment

Where, are my thoughts, where are my Payers gone – meditation?

I heard this sound track in my mind reading your question… the question is why is this relative?

I talk to the trees
But they don’t listen to me
I talk to the stars
But they never hear me

The breeze hasn’t time
To stop and hear what I say
I talk to them all in vain

But suddenly my words
Reach someone else’s ear
At someone else’s heart strings too

I tell you my dreams
And while you’re listening to me
I suddenly see them come true

I can see us some April night
Looking out across a rollin’ farm
Having supper in the candlelight
Walking later, arm in arm

Then I’ll tell you how I pass the day
Thinking mainly how the night would be
Then I’ll try to find the words to say
All the things you mean to me

I tell you my dreams
And while you’re listening to me
I suddenly see them come true

I hear the trees talk, I feel their spirit, and I feel the battlefield slaughter after the lumberjack with their machines have chopped the trees down and left the branches on the ground by the roots. Does this sound far fetched, I’m not going to elaborate further having made my point, how hypertensive I am to nature. That is the third eye at work, and when one is in touch with nature at that point, one is in meditation. What I can reveal is how technically it works. Since childhood, instead of concentration, I developed my sense of perception. And then in later life, I have been able to put words to these abstract phenomena. In other words, I’m not telling you to concentrate at getting to a higher level of mind over matter, rather infiltrate matter with your mind. Because it doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not, an atheist or a theist. I for one am a combination of the two, I don’t get influenced by either, but I’m attentive to curses, and I do have my comic umbrella just in case I miss a spell thrown at me. I follow closely all these parapsychological effects, how a thought, or a prayer for the believer, has an effective virtual atomic explosive force from the middle of the head, which mushrooms just like an nuclear explosion – and telepathic – and spreads residues as if every little word turn out to be a bee. Coming face to face with one person, that a simple situation at reading the other person’s mind, whereas in a crowd, each of those exchange of thoughts sound more like a beehive, depending on the crowd size in the hall.

Now let’s bring G-d into the equation, and every form of life is spiritual, that is why I respect even an ant’s life, for that little creature doesn’t posses the same force or spread of thought than we humans do, nevertheless it is godly. That spiritual energy called intelligence is in the air amongst us, and another reason why each of us creature we feel godly with our acquired knowledge. The best living example is Mohamed the gift of his prophesy, he went a step further than the Jewish theism, he went a step further that xtians conjugating in a man a god, in his image he brought into being from nothingness, without name or being, a name god featuring himself.

In other words, nature is intelligent, where G-d resides – the spirit of nature, without gender, color, or race, G-d, It made sure we all have a different fingerprint. if one needs to think on how to meditate, or how to find one’s Third Eye, the phenomenon is active backstage, doesn’t mean one is worst off, it just means one has to trust in one’s mind (Brain) and if one is dreaming, or ear voices, one is meditating via one’s ‘Beacon of Sight-and-Cochlea.

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