G-d gives nature – Man a body – and through the mind takes all to Itself

A few weeks ago, I was having a nap, which means I’m letting my mind travel in those enlightening extraterrestrial regions of the supernatural. On such occasions I traveled beyond the stars, into the nursery of intelligence. On such odyssey to the edge into a virgin universe, I watched the hand of workmen at work, only there were no man, it all just happened without men, without factory, in an autodidactic assembly plant, one can imagine car roll out. only that the motorization where intelligent cell set into motion by mere codes and these clones in an extensive fabric through the void of the universal fabric were sitting there dormant. If you where in my place, you would also see there is no G-d but intelligence, therefor a universal blueprint, and mechanics which starts Man off in life as atheist.

the other day, and I’m reiterating that nap, and the amazing revelation, which like one’s love cuddling up to me, a mere bear big, out of the air in the room, and atmospheric come spiritual warmth, without genre, without body, without shape other than fleecy creeping up laying up the crotch of my arm, and covering gentle my left thorax and the full flank length from head to toe like one’s love dozing off. intuitive to the sound of It’s thought, in an ephemeral moment G-d says, “Do believe now – I’m G-d!” and dissipates in the atmosphere – Here I can believe G-d presented Itself to me, but he has a purpose in me, though I remain skeptic divulging Its identity, for Man has abused Its name, fabricated the first pyramidal multinational by the power of religion, in stealth I live these unbelievable moments so pure one doesn’t want to see the mysteries becoming soiled.

Apart my testing the supernatural phenomena that are presented themselves to me, my inquisitive mind in the puzzle ramifying the pieces over a lifetime, the bulk resolved, at understanding, while I have led a life keeping my distances from G-d. I can no longer keep quiet as Its name is being smudge amidst the horror of Man.

Were I to live a sincere existence in G-d-intelligent paradise on earth, picking up my laptop, with a satellite connection. heading off where Man doesn’t punish G-d, through the rainforest undergrowth in the depth of the jungle. There, G-d-intelligence manifest Itself by all Its might. I too fail to leave my Manly comfort, though I hang onto my childhood reminiscing over school vacations, after the brief G-d revelation, though living in the best of two worlds, I am sentient and perceive G-d-intelligence prowl – as a spirit of every organ of the flora and fauna, in Its milieu.

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