Ideas Mushrooms From The Brain – Hard Determinism – Not Ethically Accountable Of Our Acts

The philosophy of the universe, which has a plan, from the blueprint emerging from an excited dormant texture. The stimulus of a point engendering an autodidactic laborious manufacturing of a photovoltaic cell, the driving motor of intelligence as we know today biotic functions. An exterior factor of us that exist transcendent long before we are born — each individual supernatural volition proper to us with a perception, find a body, and by the gift of a body, transcendent-volition by the force an evolutionary maturation stays behind at puppeteering each of our thoughts backstage of our spirit impregnated in our body. (when our body becomes too porous to contain the spirit, or by a premature death, in continuation the spirit carries the luggage of life, our intellectual properties, like a white dove taking flight from the temple of the head, and in the air loses feathers, spread down, to vanish like powder thrown in the wind the key unlocking in the supraliminal that acquired knowledge. The key freely available to the hypersensitive person (animal,) able to direct his mind, (like out at sea on a ship pirating another person’s brain,) fetching the intellectual property from that knowledge bank.

As we think, every idea that emanates from one’s brain, behaves by a nucleus explosion (candle light)) that mushrooms the idea, which stems from the brain to the cranial exterior. (one can imagine blowing on a soap solution film and blowing bubbles,) each of these mushrooming thoughts get sealed in a bubble, and like a Chinese sky lantern, one after the other, in number afloat and carrying out thoughts into a corner of the supraluminal.

Before birth, the intellectual-spirit is maturity to the point that transcendent-volition in watching from a corner of the cosmos (The Zodiac,) and selective toward the parents, for relationship targeting the fetus, by certain proper criteria in view of the path of destiny.

At birth transcendent-volition impregnates that body (hardware,) with the installation of the ([OS] Operating system.) intuitively (the software) to make the system function in getting savoir-vivre knowledge.

Slowly as the mind develops with the newborn, the body needs to be fed, grows visibly for little girls a need to procreate, so we are given a “Beacon of light-and cochlea,” (induce electric power – or, the third eye,) which starts collecting cosmic energies at the month of the funnel, where the visionary mind sources parapsychology. the beacon of sight and cochlea [siphon] through the mind and is the middle force of concentration of the mind, at brain level with sufficient energy as to decide for itself (will power,) in the abstract the [siphon drain,] at such an acute concentration, onward such high concentration from the fore lobe of the brain, at emitting (laser like beams) the imperceptible “Parsec-Ray” of sight, that leads the beam of sight onto objects.

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