How can I reconnect with God

In fact, you are asking; can I drive G-d – Can you drive a car if you have no car? The point I’m making to connect with something one has to have a grip — like one’s spirit has a grip on our body, one has to understand that thing (with due respect for believers) called G-d. Then one drives and learn as one goes along becoming a part of these wheels, that engine, until one acquire such experience that when one steps into that car and drive off one’s senses are aware [what the software does in today’s modern cars –] having the feel of the mechanics with all the sensor like th nervous system placed about.

Having always felt a protected person, at worse I moved places by prophetic sentiency away from the recent terrorist attacks. but, that cosmic umbrella comes at the price. What you call G-d (with due respect for the believers) and one’s proper transcendent-volition, which aseity manages each of us, our proper existence in a body, and sitting in a constellatory seat, (this is too complex to describe in a few words, but you can further your reading in Official Author Website.) We are puppets on a string, as for every form of life by different degrees of that intuitive hope giving force, whisper and inspiring dreams with the beauty to sustain that life surviving the harsh reality of living.

given to understand that I was connected on a daily bases by coincidence, reading symbolism emanating from the normal realities of life, never did I call upon a superpower to come to my rescue. I am given the paranormal elements to diagnose, up to the point of feeling used by the number or complexities to ascertain the meanings to the extent of my brain limits. The complexity of being connected, is so deep and vast, I can suggest following some of these blogs until the idea nurtures, G-d Takes all to Himself by Ivan Broes on G-d gives nature – Man a body – and through the mind takes all to Itself. Judge for yourself, if a G-d is at your service, or rather learn to hear the whispering voice which guides one for what we, and proper to oneself. before birth, in reality we set out our purpose and after birth our will power plays a major role at diversifying our attention from that undertaking that is destiny— !

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