Why is gravity still technically just a theory

From what I understand gravity, technically there for grabs, which is a matter of faculty, for the scientific body to recognize that there is a world that is beyond them — but not mine. By answering questions Quora has taken me away from a technical writing, at sketching and detailing journeys into the silent universe. I wasn’t given the opportunity to refuse, but taken in omnipresence destinations, without control, scheduled for a purpose I grew to discover, http://sbprabooks.com/ivanbroes/ and brought back images of what I have seen, I’m left with the task at figuring out:

the Parse-Ray:

In the above illustration there is a yellow barbed wire spanned across and straight as a straightedge. The mechanics is impressive, faster than light, a parsec-ray (Tachyon?) at cosmic speed. The parsec-ray illustrated below, is the mechanism at attaining such instant speed, the lies, and driven these half emerging rings?

The universe has a plan:

This illustration is explained elsewhere, which show that the universe has a plan, and building autodidactic what we understand with our buildings.


the source of gravity emerges from the infinite texture http://horizon0infinity.blogspot.be/ Within which excited the starting a point at drafting (autodidactic) the universal blueprint, which evolves as a party balloon with the string holding it in position at the crux of the X, Y, Z axis. Now a clone balloon in tandem, and from autodidact, enter the phase of synergy. Here begins to see gravity at work, in suscitating synergy to energy, a third clone balloon will emerge from amidst the two others. If one can imaging spheroid tandem bicycle wheels, this balloon is the ‘pedals’ towards energy.

From a blueprint bar (like a cycle frame) a ring snaps at the tangent points of the wheels — now let’s change the image of the cyclist pedaling on his bike on the verge of inducing energy, to girls on a playground each holding the grip of a skipping rope.

The skipping rope, which is a virtual ring, and in acceleration ghosts a ball — this motion is the source of gravitation, cutting through the other spheres making of sort friction.  For more reading follow the links.


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