Why would Scientists speculate over a Wormhole in a Black Hole

My answer is that there is a lack of a global understanding of the mechanics of the universe, and right, too much scientific speculation. considering there is a recycling system, then there must be containers, of which one is the sphere the other the pipe. the sphere is the hearth of home, it can be a galaxy, it can be a universe, amongst universes Official Author Website. In my perception the universe is hollowing out, which give from inside an apparent expansion, and like cavemen burn wood, gases escape and the ashes are left.

the illustration: is about the ball of such a container:

the inset is a topview galactic/universe vortex, the cut through is the bowl and virtual water halve (and blue on the image and don’t let the term confuse you,) of the glass ball of which the dome is the space part. and looking a section of the hemisphere. like white foam at the top consuming star, the dark bed of graphite residues of burned out star at the bottom, and gravitation force of the drainage system (incidentally all explained in detail elsewhere.)

this next image reiterate that the autodidactic evolution of the universe has a plan.



This next illustration as a part of that universal plan, the galaxies/universe are part of an atom grid.

The top right inset give a perception of the glass ball with half filled water and a (draining) swirl. The bottom left inset, are the (so to say Black Hole) funnels and they are the virtual drain pipe. you can read detail following, HorIzon of InfInIty and updates on my work, which I believe is scientific, I have been given an omnipresence entirely out my control, sent to emerge at the edge of the universe, at bringing back to humanity my experience, such as in this case, the atom gird. each ball in the module is significant, in that the drain of the water is the chimney of space recycling the residues of burned out stars.

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