2017-10-16.Is it really necessary to sleep 8 hours or able 5-7 hours

I’m one of these persons that at one stage of my life, I was good with 3 hours sleep a night which I monitored over a period of 3 months, because I had so much work to get through. My wife at the time said, I had to spend from 5 to 6 with my two boys that time before them going to bed. Apart from that I took half an hour nap at noon. In the morning at four, my mind was in the go, thinking out every detail planing my day. By 7 am I used to get up and pause by the kettle my wife complained she had too often replace (before the automatic switch off) in the making of a cup of Nescafe instant coffee. Off I was for an instant through a breezeway into my offices next door (selfish of me family and work had to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.) In my hand a slice of cheddar cheese between two crackers (at time forgetting to come back for my coffee than much later.)

Over my past 70 year, realizing that we are not we are not mechanical, that brings each one of us, just like dreaming interpretation of that sleep I can only vouch for myself sleeping on average once every 24 hours (missing out on occasions,) I passed various stage of my existence dominated by a lifestyle and events which as a teenager, and cyclist at the time, riding from Kyalami across countryside 45 kilometers to work, and 45 kilometers back across wavy hill, catching up the traffic in the city (we raced each other with my competitive brother at the speed of vehicles.) Though I slept 8 hours, my exhausted body had other means to communicate, my whole brain ceased and came the morning to get up, my mind had no more say over my muscles, the only chance of waking up my brain was to roll myself out of bed to fall onto the floor creeping up on arms the bed taking control of my body and hope that at 7 am at getting on the construction site in Pretoria.

One can read as may books, testing as many individuals, sleep belong to a behavior which varies from the basic, as child of the jungle (rear in my childhood) I can’t remember ever sleeping with a closed window, through winter or summer, if the occasion presents itself, I’ll regret for tossing and turning through the night, to make a choice. In may active adult life, a girlfriend living in the city, and waking up with headaches which followed my through the day, to pin point the cause to the traffic however reasonable this may sound to a city dweller. When I lived in New York City likewise the city murmur a noise as much as the light pollution, bring to sleep that restlessness that falsify any test by which each sensibility to vary.

I’ve never stopped testing the performance of my mind verses the length and quality of sleep, the reason is here: http://sbprabooks.com/ivanbroes/. Since childhood, I have these abstract supernatural phenomenon occurring to me, and one can sample these journeys my mind undertakes: http://horizon0infinity.blogspot.be/, that it baffles me too.

As I swap here and there in my life, and back to my business I ran from home in Kelvin, Johannesburg, sentient of the sunlight energy stiffing my concentration, which improved at dusk, and still fuzzy (I’m speaking from the perspective of that hyper sensitivity of mine,) penumbra, and unto the umbra feeling the vacuum of outer space oozing the tired-like clearing my brain of all the pollution to a crystal clear concentration – the moments I chose to do my intellectual work, apart from daylight managing staff and the architecture/engineering of my construction sites. By three in the morning I used to go to bed for that short and deep sleep that suffice.

We are in Brussels now in a house renovated dating 1912 – my newborn daughter after her mother brought her home from hospital, lay to sleep in the nicest room of our townhouse. Ceiling mural in stained-glass flowers, and a matching rear portal. She became irritable and jiggling in her sleep. Similarly, to our sleep pattern changes on full moon, we changed room, and had black lining added to the curtains, and just like on a moonless night, our baby had a profound sleep.

As a teenager I date my now ex-wife and in the first years of starting my construction business, coming home at six in the morning and steal a moment of sleep before the knock at the door, and the driver there for the keys of the pickup to head off collecting the laborer and heading to site, I struggled through the days with a heavy head. Now in my old age, and my tool is my brain, at maximizing concentration, I schedule my work in accordance to my needed sleeps to vacuum my head – concentrating is like a matchstick at hand, starting off striking the match and flare which allows me the heavy concentration of developing an idea in the next 4 hours. After that the matchstick burns and the concentration allowed is answering this question, it is light and this I can keep up for ten hours with hour breaks a snack and a drink –.

Sleeping 6 hours, that is my brain deciding, from a rigorous pattern of work, 4 hours of heavy concentration, lets say and average of eight hours of light concentration of writing. Then I fall back for the night, if I don’t proceed on that slow down, my mind will steal an hour of sleep every day, carrying my awake mind to bed, and upset my cycle so that I spend the best hours to sleep after midnight thinking till the morning. Therefor, I doodle (I’m psychic/visionary – I see images which I then translate into words,) and go onto my social media, which need no real concentration, keywords turn to images in my mind, free of concentration, need I to concentrate a little for more details or skip reading news, or watching a heavy documentary, and once a week I observe sabbath, well if it suits my brain.

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