2017-11-02.Did life begin at one location on Earth and spread

The history of earth shows me, a fireball at birth from mother sun, spinning into orbit, like a calf in the grazing field near its mother, everything has a source and like intuitive bristly sun rays play an important role maintaining the earth at a distance and wobbly in orbit. a black sun spot appears on the face of the earth, over the eons grew in size. From my emanating unconsciousness in that corner of the solar system, my conscious eye neared to notice a crust afloat on the smoldering ocean of lava, and such as hot crackling bread crust out of the oven, which flakes soldered again and raised smoking stack billowing black smoke. Seasonal films upon film lays layers across the expanding crust an enormous plateau afloat resistant to the wild tempestuous smoldering ocean on the face of the earth. Until, the seas rough up the thick crust like a raft and breaks up. The weather settles, the broken up crust lies like half sunken ship across the like a Pearl Harbor after the Japanese bombardment. During the subtle eons of to come, the shards of rolled over broken rocks to a rocky massif which molten valleys soldered and volcano spewed amongst the plateaus. I watched the naked blue mountains exposed to the bristly sun rubbing away the rock surface. clearing on the rocks speckled quicksilver (spirit) and chemistry rock carbon growing molds, and feeding to domineer the lower regions of the hills. In the expanse emerged ahead of sprawling fungi, when the fungi domineered, in the heat of the still atmosphere, a grass blade sprung up. In the grass field, a few blades curled up, grow tighter together, and rolled up raised against gravity forming a plant. The leafs branch outward, hardened into twigs, the trunk harden to a dominant bush shading the grass. When the land is covered with bush, seeking sunlight a dominant bush metamorphoses into a tree, and I watched like time by the magical sweep of the hand over the hills, the hill cloak change in the weather from the moist blue rocky mountains, through the evolution of grass, and shrubs, onto a forest covering the hill. For the evolution of plant life into a free roaming monster:

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